Health Ministry


The Health ministry utilizes the services of the congregation’s health professionals to provide health awareness programs, sponsor health education programs and disseminate health related information to the congregation and the community. This ministry an integral part of our vision to provide a meaningful and relevant ministry that meets the needs of the total person, body, mind and spirit.






The COVID-19 pandemic with its disproportionate health and social-economic effects on the African American community, mandates bold new models to ensure that vulnerable communities receive maximum support and services.  Information on the spread and control of the coronavirus is constantly being updated.  The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities’ Virtual Health Ministry (VHM) has coordinated an alliance of concerned District citizens to prioritize the needs of our most vulnerable populations under the leadership of faith institutions with a focus on providing access to urgent medical care, social services and COVID 19 specific education.  The Virtual Health Ministry outreach and care coordination program supports vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 public health pandemic and beyond. 


Operating in faith Institutions and serving as the primary point of contact; the Virtual Health Ministry (VHM) Coordinator will:


  • Manage the Faith Institutions’ Virtual call center to make proactive calls (wellness calls) to the congregation and neighboring residents to determine health and social needs.
  • Manage the member engagement; administer a standardized COVID-19 screening questionnaire, health and social needs assessment to aid the member in accessing COVID-19 related information, medical, health-related services and social determinants of health resources.
  • Disseminates COVID-19, Influenza, CDC, LCHC and partner public health messaging to their congregations and communities served.
  • Updates participant records, making sure to include all necessary notes, forms and supplementary information through weekly checks and updates to promote efficiency.
  • Host or partner with existing vaccinators to increase the opportunity for vaccine acceptance and access their area.
  • Participates in VHM Care Team meetings; providing reporting and member engagement updates specific to their faith institution.
  • Utilize the technology customized specifically for the program for engagement and reporting.
  • Facilitate referrals for physical, mental health and social health needs.
  • Ensure the faith institutions’ database is always well-maintained, making sure to include all necessary notes, forms and supplementary information through weekly checks and updates to promote efficiency.